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The Forest Calls To Me by RavenLunatic666
The Forest Calls To Me
Forest the Pennsylvania Grey Fox Vixen  :) (Smile) On one of our adventures :) (Smile)

☠ Name: Forest
☠ Age: Unknown
☠ Sex: Female
☠ Species: Grey Fox (Urocyon cinereoargenteus)
☠ Color: Salt & Pepper Backed, Copper Brown, Cream, White & Black.
☠ Type: Soft Mount
☠ Origin: Pennsylvania
☠ Acquired: SkinnedFawxTaxidermy 

☠Not For Sale Or Trade!☠ 

*No animals were killed for their fur or for taxidermy purposes. I have deep respect for animals both dead and alive, and do not condone killing animals just for fun or for their fur so please DO NOT COMMENT TO SEND HATE, if you do not like taxidermy do not look*


Raven Wendigo
United States
I am an inspiring newbie at taxidermy, but I have been collecting bones, pelts and other oddities for years. This profile contains the interests and collections of my life, WARNING, This deviant-art profile contains gore, dead animals, darkness, occult, and taxidermy. No, my mounts are not alive, they are taxidermy animals. I did not kill them myself, nor choose them to be killed. I do not hunt animals myself, but certainly respect those that do as long as they in turn respect the animals they hunt. Having Native American blood running through my veins through my family history, I tend to have spiritual beliefs about the life and death of not just animals but human beings as well. I love and cherish all my soft mounts, bones, and pelts as beautiful companions, and while I do intend on using them as reference for the many canine inspired fans or fanatics, I have mainly purchased them as companions for myself. Further reasons for why I have bought them have to do with my spiritual beliefs which I find no reason to list here. All my mounts have been beautifully preserved to be loved and appreciated for years to come rather than left to rot in the ground, and they are very dear to me and greatly respected. So please don't be rude by condemning me for owning them or sending me death threats and stupid petty arguements. Just to put something out there for all you anti-fur, taxidermy, hunting and trapping "activists", hunters and trappers put TONS of money into wildlife preservation and care each year and I've even heard from someone that they donate more money than Peta themselves. So I know the argument, and have no need to hear it again. Please be respectful, and do not comment to send me hate, I love all of my animals dearly and have the utmost respect for each piece that I acquire. All of my animals are owned by me, no sharing or tagging pics allowed unless you ask me first.

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I feel that soft mounting an animal's earthly remains is a wonderful way to show respect for that animal's life.  When they come into my hands, it is both an honor and an awesome responsibility to do my best by them.
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